Terms of Service

The Conjurer Adept Prince, Daniel Rivers, or Deliverance Evangelical Church of Prosperous Living sells these trademarked products as Curious. All names and the powers of these products are based on testimonies and their historical folklore. Curious as a fundamental root of curiosity, is a quality related to the exploration, investigation, and learning evident by observation in humans and other animals. Curiosity is heavily associated with all aspects of human development. Human development is the process of learning and the desire to acquire knowledge and skill, according to Wikipedia’s definition of Curiosity.

Curio is a rare, unusual, or intriguing object. We offer these products as tools for Self-Mastery and Self Discovery.
We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Many of our products are designed for your unique situation.
Our products do not replace Medical (physical) or Psychological (mental) therapies or claim to produce cures for any medical or mental condition. We do not take responsibility for your Physical or Mental Health. The above statements are made to Adhere to all State and Federal laws.