My Own Testimony to the
Power of Eleggua and the Spiritual Realm


First, I want to ask you to imagine your typical image of a spiritual worker or reader. Please use all the stereotypes that come to mind. You may think of a person who is Hispanic or one who people may call a gypsy. This person may live in a trailer or a mobile home. Their waiting room may be their living room. You see their kids playing. The dog wanders through the house depending on the time of day the husband may be home. 

Hi I’m Madame Rosa
You may envision someone named Rosa or Marie who may have a crystal ball or Tarot cards. If you live in a metropolitan city, you may see someone sitting in front of a storefront with a sign saying readings for $10.00. Many times, the house is in disrepair, cluttered, and crowded. Believe me, I know this scenario. I have been to readers enough to see these types of scenes over and over again.

I’m Not Gullible Just Tired
The people who go to these types of readers always puzzle me. The reader/worker promises you the world, and they are living in a two-bedroom shack. I have seen people fork over hard-earned cash to readers/workers and get no results. (I was one of them) I feel that people are not gullible. I feel people are so desperate that they take a chance with these people. I decided to find out the truth for myself. That is when I discovered the powers of “Spiritual Intelligence”.

Conjuring Works Like TV Right?
Deep within your Spirit, you know that spiritual Work must bring good results. The idea of the Voodoo doll must work. If it didn’t, why do so many T.V. shows exploit it? You probably search from one worker to the next to find someone who does what they say they can do. It is almost like the old game shows what’s my line.


Will the Real Spiritual Doctor Please Stand Up?

In case you can’t see I’m standing (smile). In 1997 I broke all the stereotypes. I opened my office in 1987. I do not have people come to my house. They come to my office where my degrees hang on the wall. They sit in a waiting room until I am ready to receive them. My clients are surprised by the difference in my office and what they expect from former experiences. I spent many years of hard Work to get my doctorate degrees and initiations. I bring the same professionalism to my Work as a medical doctor or any other doctor.

Attitude Makes the Difference

My attitude helps you know that I am bringing you professional quality Work at the best prices so that you will get the best results. The Spiritual Work that I do should not be confused with the poor imitations of Work found in the spiritual shops in America. If you come to my office you will feel the difference and you will gain Faith that I am the real spiritual doctor that you have been looking for.

Not only am I the president, but I am also a client

My Own Power Packed Testimonial
I was ordained at the age of 14 in the Pentecostal church. My real name is Daniel Rivers I ‘m telling you my real name because many spiritual workers hide behind aliases and godchildren. The Internet gives so-called spiritual workers.“Cyberspace” to hide in. I don’t want to hide from you. I love you, and I want to help you.

 I’m About God’s Business.
Many workers see their practice as a business. I see mine as an extension of my spiritual development. Unlike many spiritual workers who have no spiritual conviction. I am a Metaphysical Pastor. Never assume that just because a person has a gift to do this Work that they follow spiritual law. I know many workers who have weak morals. My foundation is fundamental Spiritual. You may be wondering how a Pentecostal minister came to become a spiritual Doctor.

( Not only is Bishop Dr. Rivers a minister, but He is also a spiritual Doctor initiated in the “High Magical Arts) He also comes from a long lineage of Conjurers

I did not choose these fields; they chose me. I wanted to be a lawyer, but I also knew I had the call to do G-d’s Work, but I did not want to be like the stereotypical pastor. .  To make a long story short the longer I ran from God by trying to pursue a law career, my life became harder. I had no romance, no finance, and a lot of nuisance . I got tired of running. I accepted my calling. As I accepted the call to my destiny, my life changed for the better. I became a good student. I had a new girlfriend and money. Everything was fine.

Until 1989 God used the one I loved to bring me to greatness
My mother fell ill. I went to readers and workers all across the country. Trying to get help. I prayed and asked God why He did not hear my prayers. At this time, I was guided to a Spiritual Priest (Ricardo Obatalah) who read me and told me that my destiny was to become a High Priest in the religious and spiritual sciences. And that I would reconnect with my spiritual lineage. I used the teachings, herbs, and medicines to heal my mother. My mother was healed. Many people may doubt the power of Spiritual Science. I can’t. I owe my mother’s healing to it.

Today the power of Eleggua is not only opening up doors in my life, but he is working in my clients' lives as well. Financially, spiritually, and in relationships, it’s like the doors of heaven have opened up. I am glad that I discovered the Magical Sciences and you will also be. Greater miracles than what was done in my life are waiting for you.

Testimony of the Week

Featured “Testimonial Of the Week” I sat in Dr. Rivers office in 1980 and I had never read/seen/heard anything that got me so fired up and excited. I mean this man uses a spiritual technique that is out of this world.

Any instruction I got from him has always been worth hundreds of more than the price he charges. You really can succeed using his techniques in “Spiritual Intelligence” this is life-changing stuff. One thing that I like is his no-nonsense approach to his spiritual Work. He is not just another pay the price for my product, but don’t call me if you have a problem guy. He goes to the utmost effort to make sure things work for you.

I have personally experienced the power of the Golden Couchie Charm that Dr. Rivers prepared for me. The Golden Couchie charm literally changed my life overnight. It brought me financial success, a new boyfriend, and a new house. I would tell anyone thinking about buying this charm and Course to do it immediately. The Course and Charm give you results that snowball.

I never knew that using spiritual products could be this powerful; Don’t believe me just try the Course. I’m sure you won’t be sorry. D.B. Washington

Testimonies of Others

Our clients can tell you better than we can about
This Eleggua and the Gifts of Dr. Rivers

  1. Dear Dr. Rivers I am sending you this letter of thanks. My wife had left me, and my nature was all messed up. I called you on the phone and I was surprised to get you. You told me what I should buy and use. I must tell you that I am happy that I followed your ritual. I am now working on prosperity. I have a newfound faith in God. Thank God for you Dr. Rivers.  D.R.  California.
  2. Hi Doc, I have been on the Internet, and I have visited and called psychics and readers online. Nothing that they told me came to pass. When I ordered the course I was skeptical. In hindsight, if I had it to do over again I would. Everything you told me about the course is true. I want to try your new associate program. If this Course worked for me I know that It can work for others. C.M  New York
  3. Hello Sir, I want to commend you for the prompt service I received from your company. It’s nice to know that in a world of technology and computers, there are still caring people. I must admit that your company has lived up to my expectations and then some. I look forward to using your products for life. P.R  Las Vegas
  4. Dear Dr. Rivers I am sending you this letter of thanks. My wife had left me, and my nature was all messed up. I called you on the phone, and I was surprised to get you. You told me what I should buy and use. I must tell you that I am happy that I followed your ritual with Eleggua.. I am now working on prosperity. I have a newfound faith in God. Thank God for you Dr. Rivers. D.R. California
  5. “Surely the Lord will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto his servants the Prophet” Truly I can say that you are a man of God. For everything you emailed me has come true. You have done many things for my family and me in my time of sickness. I do believe you are the only man who walks on earth with such power. I hope someday the whole world will get a chance to see your gift. May God bless you always.  S.H.  Philadelphia PA
  6. When I consulted with you I was sick. I used the Eleggua and this force healed my body. I could feel the pain leave my body, and I immediately gained strength, and I have been active ever since. Thank You Dr. Rivers; I know you to be a healer because you brought me out of the valley of misery and sickness. I expect to follow you as long as I live. Once again I thank you.  D.B.  Philadelphia PA.
  7. I heard about you, so I got on a plane to come to see you. I saw the lame walk, the blind see, and the dumb speak. I can truly say that you are a Man of God. If you are not a true man of God you will not have the wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual experience. I should have known you were different by the power I experienced talking to you on the phone. Y.S.  California
  8. Speaking from a psychological point of view, I can readily say that since Dr. Rivers has come into my life, many miracles have happened to me. From the depth of my heart, I can say with deep sincerity that he means the world to me. J.W.  Toronto Canada

Dear Papa Doc I am a Mason. I have studied Eastern religions and have studied witchcraft. I felt blocked. No matter what I did I could not get my prosperity and success to come to me. I bought the Course and did some of the rituals that are in your book. I hit the lottery for $25,000. I am sending you a check; thank you. C.R.  Detroit Michigan

Since corresponding with you and using your products I have seen noticeable increase in my finances. I have just become one of your associates on the Internet. I look forward to even more prosperity. You have changed me and my family’s life. Dr. Rivers has become a household word in my home. Thanks again. E.M.  Philadelphia.

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To anyone considering ordering the Course and any of Dr. Rivers other products, I would say do it immediately. I wish that I had acted sooner. The power of these rituals is amazing. I was skeptical because I had heard about how many spiritual workers don’t back up their products. I was impressed that you got back to me and spent a lot of time with me until I got it right. I know that I can be difficult at times, but you were patient and now I am doing the things that I want. I am ready to try your associate program. I feel that with your spiritual support, I cannot lose. I am tithing to your church for prosperity in the year 2001. I wish I had done this two years ago. I have a new confidence thanks Pops. I’m recommending you to my mother and friends. May God bless you.  E.J. Sumter,  South Carolina


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