Spiritual Knowledge Gives You the Power to Win

Would you let an amateur perform eye surgery on you or Do it yourself? Why buy products or work from an amateur? This Highly trained gifted Doctor will open the windows of heaven for you Now

First to receive two doctorate degrees in Metaphysics
Voted best spiritual worker in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2021


Spiritual Knowledge Gives You the Power to Win

Would you let an amateur perform eye surgery on you or Do it yourself? Why buy products or work from an amateur? This Highly trained gifted Doctor will open the windows of heaven for you Now

First to receive two doctorate degrees in Metaphysics
Voted best spiritual worker in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2021

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Initiated in Voodoo Palo Santeria and Hermetics

Empowering Yourself with
"Spiritual Intelligence"

God’s Plan Is for You To Succeed

Beware of self-proclaimed experts in the world of magick and the occult.

With the rise of Internet, everyone thinks they have the power to impart knowledge. However, true magick takes time and dedication to master.  The secrets of the spiritual realm can only be obtained through an initiated experienced guide.    Don’t be fooled by the promise of quick fix solutions and cheap books. The real magick lies within you, and through the power of strong rituals and the mentorship from a true Adept you will succeed. 

Would you read a book and attempt to perform delicate eye surgery on your self?   Even the most gifted Athlete needs a coach to perfect his or her natural abilities.

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That Is Where I Come In

Imagine having the ability to receive guidance from a master Adept, someone who has mastered the Spiritual Reams and is a Master Teacher in the most powerful Occult Arts and  Fraternities on the Planet. Not only is this individual a Master of the Occult Arts but he holds not one but two doctorate degrees in Metaphysics (Theurgy =god working)   They even had the honor of being voted best spiritual worker multiple times over the years. If such an individual did exist   Could you imagine what results you could achieve in your life with this individual either mentoring you or hiring them to do your spiritual work.  You would be able to open the windows of heaven and truly tap into the wisdom and knowledge that lies within. .

 Say good bye to amateurs and embrace the power of a true master. Follow these three easy steps and let your spiritual Journey begin.

  1. Sign up for the webcast above if you have not already done so. I promise that this webcast will keep you on the bleeding edge of “Spiritual Intelligence”
  2. Sign up for our free training videos which teach you about our product and special offers.
  3. Buy My Alchemically calibrated products. I even have a  designer line  of products that will be specifically designed according to your Spiritual “DNA” You can’t lose with these powerful magical tools

Let’s get started now!

Learn From Mentors

Spiritual Work With a Purpose Podcast

How to cleanse your house, car, and body from negative spirits.

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Preacher by Day

Most workers in spiritual Work claim to have a gift, but they do not get the training and initiation.

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Voodoo Priest by Night

Deep within your Spirit, you know that spiritual Work must bring good results. The idea of the Voodoo doll must work.

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I have not researched Hoodoo, Black Magic, Voodoo, Evil Eye, Root Work, European Witchcraft.
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Over 10,000 Testimonials

Our Client Testimonials


To anyone considering ordering Eleggua and any other of The Adept Prince’s  products, I would say do it immediately. I wish that I had acted sooner. The power of these rituals are amazing. I was skeptical because I had heard about how many spiritual workers don’t back up their products. I was impressed that you got back to me and spent a lot of time with me until I got it right . You taught me the principles behind spirit work and gave me the true truth about spiritual work.  I know that I can be difficult at times, but you were patient and now I am doing the things that I want . I am ready to try your Eursille Dantour charm bag. I feel that with your spiritual support, I cannot lose. I wish I had of done this two years ago. I have a new confidence thanks Pops. I’m recommending you to my mother and friends. May God bless you.  

E.J. Sumter, South Carolina


Hi Doc, I have been on the Internet and I have visited and called psychics and readers online. Nothing that they told me came to past. When I ordered  The Eleggua. I was skeptical.  In hindsight, if I had it to do over again I would. Everything you told me about the power of Eleggua is true. I just followed the simple instructions you gave on Mondays and the Prosperity started pouring in . I even won a court case.  If Eleggua worked for me I know that It can work for others. 

C.M New York


Shout out to the Adept Prince, I want to commend you for the prompt service I received from you. Its nice to know that in a world of technology and computers, that there are still caring people. I must admit that you have lived up to my expectations and then some I look forward to using your products for life.  P.R   Las Vegas I have followed The Adept Prince for many years even before he was on the internet and have witnessed miracles in his services. This man is a true gifted man of God who spends time with anyone who is willing to put his principles to use. I have been blessed since following his techniques. I listen to his classes and used his products for protection from my enemies. He really opened up the principles of the bible for me. I now know that Jesus came so that we may have life. And have it prosperously and abundantly.  Thanks for the tools Doc. You are truly a Prince of God. 

P.R. Las Vegas



The Adept Prince Speaks On Magic and The Bible Spiritual Work With a Purpose Podcast

As a pastor, I greatly value the Bible. I interpret the Bible esoterically (using hidden wisdom) and metaphysical (studies beyond the physical body and physical Universe). Every Prophet of the Bible was taught the same knowledge that God had taught me. Jesus was given the authority to practice magic. The Bible tells us not to practice sorcery.

How To Cleanse Your House, Car, and Body From Negative Spirits

Sorcery is evil magic that harms others. Sorcery is the bad thoughts and vibrations that cause others harm. Even some Christians ignorant of the Laws of God practice Sorcery. Have you heard someone say G-d is going to get you for doing that? These people are using evil eye and sorcery in the name of God.

Preacher by Day Voodoo Priest by Night

As a seminarian, I was told that only the prophets of Israel had the authority to use their “i-magic-nation” (magic). The Preachers want you to believe that only the Prophets were given Divine Providence to practice magic.

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God Used the One I Loved To Bring Me to Greatness

My mother fell ill. I went to readers and workers all across the country. Trying to get help.  I prayed and asked God why He did not hear my prayers.  At this time, I was guided to a Santero who taught me Palo and Santeria (Ricardo Obatalah). I used the teachings, herbs, and medicines to heal my mother. My mother was healed. Glory to God. Many people may doubt the power of magic. I can’t. I owe my mother’s healing to it.
Today the power of Eleggua is not only opening up doors in my life, but he is working in my clients' lives as well. Financially, spiritually, and in relationships, it’s like the doors of heaven have opened up. I am glad that I discovered the Magical Sciences, and you will be, also. Greater miracles than what was done in my life are waiting for you.
Dr. Daniel Rivers

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